What I Offer

Sales Copy

*A THRIVE Specialty*

Whether you need someone to come up with new promos, or someone to handle your “collateral,” I can take care of it.

Online sales writing, including the big sales packages, is my specialty.  

But I can also handle all the copy that brings readers to your sales letters – copy like email lift notes, autoresponder series, banner and home page ads, and more.

Ultimately, whatever product or service you’re trying to sell, I can help identify opportunities you’re missing in your sales funnel, and write the copy it takes to make your campaigns successful.


Strategy and Consulting

Are you not sure where to go next? 

Do you know your marketing needs to “level up,” but you’re not certain where to start?

I can conduct a thorough analysis for you – looking at all your marketing pieces, your messaging, and how it all fits together – and show you the biggest opportunities for growth based on your unique situation.

Alternatively, I can look at a specific area you know you need help with – like your website or your content marketing. I’ll review the area we agree on, and provide you a detailed roadmap laying out the next steps.


Content Marketing

Content marketing is THE way to build the right audience for your brand. 

I’ll make sure you’re producing great content – on a regular schedule – so that you keep expanding your audience and generating well-qualified leads.

If you’re a small team and need someone to come in and “do it all” … 

You want to try out a new piece of the puzzle, like an email newsletter or a regular blog …

Or you’ve got a professional team and need some additional help …

I ensure sure you’re producing high-quality content on a consistent schedule that builds trust with your audience.


Website Copy

Companies spend a lot of money on getting visitors to their site.

But not enough companies focus on optimizing the experience once visitors arrive.

My web copy takes all these areas into account – 

SEO to bring in organic and paid traffic …

Great, reader-focused web writing that brings them closer to a sale … 

And, UX (user-experience) principles so visitors have a seamless experience moving from page to page.

If you need new copy for your website, need to improve your site’s performance, or need help planning your site content, I’ll work with you to ensure your website is working harder – and performing better – for you.

Ready to THRIVE?

Do you need your marketing copy to be working better for you?

Email me here. Or use my scheduler below to set up a meeting directly.

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