Give your marketing copy the attention it deserves

Do you have the feeling that your marketing copy could use a lot more time and professional attention?

Are you having trouble nailing down your messaging on your website, email newsletters, and product pages?

Or do you have a major marketing problem, and you just don’t know how to fix it?

Hi, I'm Rebekah, the founder of Thrive Copywriting 👋

Profile of Rebekah, a woman standing outside, smiling, and wearing a blue blazer

Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Rebekah, and I make sure your words are working.

Over the past five years, I’ve been helping businesses generate more leads, improve customer retention, and increase revenue for their businesses.

I’ve worked with international organizations, mobile applications, family-owned publishing houses, and everything in between.

With some of these clients, I’ve built their marketing and content strategies from the ground up.

With others, I’ve been one of many voices at the table … advocating for user-focused messaging, and implementing it across many touchpoints.

What’s unique about my approach is that I apply user experience principles I’ve learned from the mobile app world to all kinds of marketing copy.

Whether it’s a website, mobile screen, blog post, or something else, the copy and content I create put the needs of the user first, so that the user keeps moving forward in the buyer’s journey.

A 9,900% ROI

Studies show that for every dollar that companies invest in user experience, they get $100 in returnThat’s a whopping 9,900% return on investment.

Other research shows that 8 out of 10 of customers will pay more for a product, if the company provides a good user experience. (Both stats: Intechnic)

When you compare these stats with other typical marketing returns, there’s virtually no competition. User Experience wins all the way, and it couldn’t be better for your business.

How I help

I help all kinds of businesses generate more leads and revenue, but I focus especially on e-commerce companies and mobile app developers

As part of my services, I offer: 

  • Website content reviews: Make sure your website is doing what you need it to do from a messaging, marketing, and structural perspective
  • Copywriting services: Drive revenue with UX-and search engine optimized product pages, email marketing and transactional emails, and more 
  • Content services: Build trust and increase quality web traffic with UX- and search engine optimized website content, blog content, and more.

You can take a look at my services page for more information on what I do, and my process page to find out how I work with clients.

What they're saying

"A dream to work with"

"I recently copy chiefed Rebekah on a big project for a client and she nailed it. She's a dream to work with ... and is an amazingly smart, creative and super talented writer to boot. Hire her, before your competition does."
Guillermo Rubio
Direct-Response Copywriter

"A big part of our success is because of her"

"Rebekah is very focused and has a high level of self-motivation. While usually exceeding even high expectations, she's also very fast, organized, and easy to work with. She has been a very valuable member of our marketing team, and a big part of our success is because of her."
Michael Hotz
Art Director, Stichting MERU, Holland

"Bring her on board ASAP"

"Rebekah just completed her second project with me and I'm in love ... with her writing, of course ... If you have the chance, bring her on board ASAP."
Jennifer Adams
Managing Editor, Professional Writer's Alliance

Ready to partner up?

Are you beyond “do it yourself” mode and know you need a professional to help your team? In that case, I’d recommend booking a 30-minute time slot to discuss your needs.

There’s no cost for the call, and no obligation to use my services. It’s simply a chance for us to introduce ourselves, and for me to get to know your needs.

Not sure what project you need? That’s fine, too! We’ll talk it through so you have clarity on the best next steps.

You can sign up for a free call using my scheduler. 👇