About Rebekah Mays, Thrive, and this thing called UX

Thrive Copywriting owner sitting in pink chair in front of window with garden behind it

I have to admit – I’m incredibly lucky.

I live in Europe, in an amazing city in the Netherlands.

I’m healthy enough to run marathons – recently, I went to Luxembourg to run my third big race.

Plus, I have one of the best jobs I could imagine … helping businesses tailor their messaging so that it puts users first.

But how did I get to where I am today?

From student journalist to copywriting mentor

It started in 2012, when I began writing and editing for Columbia University’s student newspaper. 

After finishing grad school a few years later, I found AWAI, the industry leader of copywriting training programs.

Thanks to AWAI, I was able to train with some of the great direct-response copywriters around … copywriters like Sandy Franks and Guillermo Rubio. 

I’ve also been lucky enough to train under and work with some of the pioneers of digital copywriting, such as Nick Usborne and Heather Robson.

After five years of copywriting in the trenches, I’m happy to give back.

I’m currently mentoring copywriters through AWAI’s mentorship program Circle of SuccessOn top of that, I’ve been mentoring copywriters as part of my in-house work with companies.

And this year, I was invited to share my tips and experiences in an AWAI’s training event FastTrack to Copywriting Success. 

In other words, things have come full circle!

Rebekah appears on a virtual panel with the president and executive director of the training company
Having a grand old time with AWAI President Rebecca Matter and Executive Director Katie Yeakle, at their 2021 virtual event Fast Track to Copywriting Success

Falling in love with UX

Things took another leap when in 2019, I got hired as a full-time content strategist for the developer of the Transcendental Meditation app.

Getting to work with UX designers and a top-notch product team was one of the best experiences of my career.

In that role, I helped with conducting user research … worked for hours with our UX designers to optimize tiny screens … and guided the content strategy for the app.

This role taught me one big lesson: how crucial it is to listen to users, and how big the rewards are.

Harnessing UX copy in your business

The more I help businesses tailor their messaging to meet users’ needs, the more I’m convinced … 

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or a tiny family-owned business, prioritizing UX will help your bottom line.

UX is about looking for all the opportunities where you might be letting users down, and seeing how we can improve that.

So ask yourself … 

Are you making it easy for customers to know what your business offers when they visit your website, and how your products will benefit them? 

Are you making it intuitive for customers to subscribe to your newsletter … browse through your pages … and order your products? 

Are you helping customers use your products, and not abandoning them after they make a purchase? 

If you can’t say yes to everything, then it’s time to look at your UX.

Get help with your UX copywriting

No matter if you want to start small and optimize a few key areas, or go big, I’m here to help you every step of the way.

To get started, all you have to do is book a free, 30-minute discovery call.

By booking this call, there’s no obligation to use my services — just a discussion where I can get to know your needs, and we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.

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