The "lightning-bolt moments" that led me to take up running ... move to Europe ... and finally eat some vegetables.

Hi, my name is Rebekah Mays.

I’m a copywriter for the health and lifestyle industries.

And I have to admit – I lead a pretty good life these days.

I live in Europe, in a charming little village in the south of Holland.

I’m healthy enough to run marathons – recently, I went to Luxembourg to run my third big race.

Plus, I enjoy a job where I’m always learning and growing – a privilege not many people get to enjoy.

Rebekah Mays and her husband on a trip to Luxembourg for a marathon
Me and my husband, on a recent trip to Luxembourg for my third marathon!

But how did I get where I am today?

Well, I credit it to a series of “lightning-bolt” moments.

Like the moment when I ran my first 5K … and realized I actually liked running.

Or the moment I discovered it was totally possible to move to Prague.

Or the moment in college when I realized that writing, not being a doctor, was my true calling.

All these moments showed me something that was missing …

And the action I needed to take to get it.

In other words, a single epiphany changed everything … and showed me the path to a happier, more fulfilled life.

Lightning-bolt moments for your prospects means more happy, healthy, and fulfilled people in the world.

(Something we all need today!)

I want to give your prospects and customers these kinds of moments, because our world today desperately needs it.

Our world needs more people getting enough exercise …

more people eating nutritious foods …

more people travelling and appreciating other cultures …

and more people chasing their dreams.

And today, I’m offering to partner with you to provide copy that helps your prospects and customers do just that.

I’ll look for the big ideas that will inspire your readers so much that …

  • They’ll open an email from you and never see their lives the same way again …
  • They’ll click an online ad and see solutions to their biggest problems …
  • And ultimately, they’ll buy your products … and will see their lives changed as a result.

Now, you maybe your copy needs are a bit less dramatic.

Maybe you simply need content that helps people keep good habits they’ve already started … web copy that guides your customers through the sales process … or compelling product descriptions.

No problem – I can write that, too.

In fact, the type of copy you need isn’t as important as who you are … and what you stand for.

As long as you genuinely care about your audience – and your products help people live happier, more fulfilled lives – then we’ll be a good fit for each other’s needs.

Another lightning-bolt moment ... one that led to you reading this right now

Now I want to mention another lightning bolt moment of mine … one that’s led to you reading this right now.

It was back in December 2016, when I read a free report from American Writers and Artists, Inc, telling me I could make a living as a writer …

Now, you may know AWAI as the industry leader of copywriting training programs.

Some of the top copywriters and marketers of the world started the company – folks like Mark Ford, Paul Hollingshead, and Katie Yeakle.

And when I heard about the opportunity … and saw the credentials behind AWAI … I was hooked.

Rebekah Mays winning a copywriting award
Me (left) winning AWAI’s Simulated Training program, which gave me the chance to write a full sales package and get “copy chiefed” by an A-level writer. 

I quickly became an AWAI member and joined their mentorship program.

And true to their word, they took me from aspiring writer … to copywriting student … to actual working copywriter …

One that’s been “chiefed” by two of the best writers working today!

So I have AWAI to thank for my thorough education … as well as for my first several assignments. 

Rebekah Mays winning a copywriting award
Me speaking in a webinar to AWAI members about the experience of working on my first sales letter project.

My AWAI training - and a lot of hard work - has led to some huge victories!

But as foundational as AWAI’s training was, I can’t give them all the credit. 😉

I’m proud to say I’ve seized the opportunities that have come along, and have given my absolute best to the clients who’ve hired me.

And they’ve been very happy with the results.

Just listen to what Guillermo Rubio, a highly successful copywriter who’s helped bring in several million dollars of sales for his clients, said about working with me:

"Hire her, before your competition does."

"I recently copy chiefed Rebekah on a big project for a client and she nailed it. She's a dream to work with ... and is an amazingly smart, creative and super talented writer to boot. Hire her, before your competition does."
Guillermo Rubio
Six-Figure Copywriter

Then there’s Jennifer Adams, another brilliant copywriter and the force behind “The Professional Writers’ Alliance.”

Jennifer says she’s excited she found me so early in my career, and would encourage any marketing team to bring me on board:

"Bring her on board ASAP"

"Rebekah just completed her second project with me and I'm in love ... with her writing, of course. Even better, over the last few months of working together, she's been dramatically improving and I'm pleased to have found her so early in what is sure to be an outstanding copywriting career. If you have the chance, bring her on board ASAP."
Jennifer Adams
Managing Editor, Professional Writer's Alliance

I’ve also gotten great feedback from coworkers from my in-house content marketing jobs. Here’s what my design colleague has said about me:

"A big part of our success is because of her"

"Rebekah is very focused and has a high level of self-motivation. While usually exceeding even high expectations, she's also very fast, organized, and easy to work with. She has been a very valuable member of our marketing team, and a big part of our success is because of her."
Michael Hotz
Art Director, Stichting MERU, Holland

Let's get a conversation started - before I'm all booked up

Now, I’m bringing all this marketing and copywriting background …

And of course, all my life experience as someone dedicated to health, happiness, and growth …

To businesses like yours, today.

I’m excited to help you and your business grow … and to see what we can accomplish together.

So if you need new copy to power your marketing campaigns …

If you need someone who gets direct-response AND who wants to use her marketing skills to help make the world a bit brighter …

Or if you need someone who can tackle a variety of jobs for your business … 

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I’m excited to meet you already!

– All the best  – 


P.S. I just want to make sure you didn’t miss it –

Two successful copywriters have encouraged you to hire me before I get snatched up by other companies.

They have a point …

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I’d hate to have to turn down your project.

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