About Rebekah Mays

I help sustainable and impact-driven brands create better content marketing. Because I believe their impact deserves to be seen and heard.

An American in The Netherlands

I was born in Austin, Texas but always longed to live somewhere people didn’t have to drive much. Going to college in New York showed me there was another way to live, but that was just the beginning. A life detour took me to Prague for a year-long visit, and I started to wonder if Europe was where I belonged. Now, as a resident and citizen of The Netherlands, I’m sort of convinced this country is one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

On a mission to use my talents for good

For ten years, I’ve been writing digital content. And for four years, I’ve been helping mission-driven international brands clarify their high-level marketing goals and content planning. While I know the climate crisis will probably not be solved in my lifetime, I’ve made peace with “planting trees in whose shade I may never sit.”

My work

I’ve worked with purpose-driven apparel brands, international organizations, B2B agencies, and everything in between. Feel free to check out a few of my samples below. Of course, anything I write for you will be in your unique voice and style.

SEO Content

SEO isn't just about getting high organic traffic. It's also about getting the right traffic, to the right pages. For this project,, I researched and wrote three long-form SEO articles. The project included keyword research, planning, and a whole lot of writing and editing.

Email Content

The email lists I've managed have always had higher-than-industry-average open rates. Here's a sample from my own B2B newsletter, Thrive with Rebekah.

Graphic showing a computer and mobile screen

UX Optimization

User Experience optimization is known to get quite high ROI, but did you know you could UX your marketing copy? Here's a project where I created UX copy for a product page, order page, and email onboarding sequence.

Let's get the conversation started

Big projects take time, and the world isn’t waiting. Let’s get a conversation started today, so that we can support your brand’s positive impact sooner than later.